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How long does it take?

30-60 min

1-2 hours

1-2 hours

1-2 hours

2-3 hours

Infrared Scan



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Home Maintenance Book



Can of Jig-A-Loo



Checklist report on site




Itemized list of issues (delivered by email) with photos





You take notes, no report, no photos



Itemized list of issues (delivered by email)  no photos



Full Detailed PDF report with photos as per SOP




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*Townhouse or House up to 1500 sq. ft. in the surrounding areas     ** Price does not include 13% HST

(max 1 hour)

This includes all the items checked on a regular house inspection. Roof, fascia, eaves, siding, windows, foundation, grading, decks, patios, steps, porch, lighting, garage door, walkway, driveway and much more...

What you get
: a checklist style report onsite.  Inspection is from the ground only (we do not go on the roof).

IR Scan (max 2 hours)

This includes a scan of walls, ceiling, basement, plumbing  and any areas of concern. (max 2 hours)

What you get
: a list of issue with photos delivered in an email.

Walkthrough  (max 2 hours)

A walk through of the property, issues are identified – you must record the issue. No photo or report is provided. 

This may appeal to people looking for a home (open houses) but don’t want a full inspection.

What you get
: 1-2 hours of looking at a home and identifying issues. You take notes and photos.  We do not enter attic or go on the roof.

Maintenance (max 2 hours)
This is the same as a comprehensive inspection less a full PDF report. 

What you get:  Itemized list of issues in an email (no photos, no full report).

An excellent maintenance to do list.