Sample Report

ib42 Ottawa Home Inspections - Inspected House
Please remember that there is no such thing as a perfect home.  Home Inspectors will usually will find issues even with new or recently built homes that need attention or that the buyer and seller should be aware of. The following home inspection sample report is combination of issues as an example.
We include a summary at the beginning of the report for quick and easy access to the issues and we use a color coded thress level rating system.

1. Items Needing Immediate Attention (High Priority) - these items are health, safety or items requiring immediate repair (refers to red text in the report)

2. Items Needing Repair (Medium Priority) - these items need repair as soon as possible. (refers to
yellow text in the report)


3. Items Needing Attention and Suggestions (Low Priority) - items that need attention, consider suggestions and recommendations (refers to green text in the report)


At Inspected  by 42 Home Inspections. we use 3DInspection System to generate our reports, then email the PDF to you. Please click on the link image below to view our sample PDF report.



Inspected by 42 - Home Inspections Sample Report