What You Get

What you get with an Inspected by 42 Home Inspection:
ib42 Kanata Home Inspection
  1. Evaluation and professional opinion of the readily accessible installed systems in the home

  2. Primarily visual examination of the following components:

    • Roof
    • Structure
    • Exterior
    • Site Drainage
    • Porches/Decks/Balcony
    • Electrical system
    • Heating and Air Conditioning system
    • Plumbing system
    • Insulation and Vapour Barriers
    • Interior
    • Ventilation Systems

  3. Identify components that are significantly deficient, unsafe or near the end of their life (EOL)

  4. Documented with photos in a comprehensive written report, delivered as a PDF (see sample: Sample Report)

  5. No extra charge for infrared camera scanning (if temperature permits)
  6. ib42 Ottawa Home Inspections - No extra charge for thermal scanning

  7. Complementary emergency shut-off tags
  8. ib42 Ottawa Home Inspections - Emergency Shut-offs tags
  9. complementary sample can of Jig-A-Loo
  10. ib42 Ottawa Home Inspections - Complementary can of Jig-A-Loo

Jig-A-Loo is a dry silicone-based lubricant that, unlike any other lubricant, contains no oil, grease, wax, petroleum distillates or detergent, so it doesn't stain or stink. It stops squeaks, un-sticks just about anything, protects against rust, and is an exceptional water repellent. It's great for windows and sliding glass doors!
What’s excluded:
  1. Cosmetics
  2. Outbuildings
  3. Swimming pools and spas
  4. Specialty systems including telephone, cable TV, alarm systems, and lawn sprinklers
 Your home inspection is not:
  1. An insurance policy, guarantee or warranty on the home
  2. An invasive or destructive activity
  3. Intended to identify concealed defects
  4. A code or design review
  5. Able to predict the future or the remaining life of components
  6. An environmental review or energy audit 
    Inspected by 42 Home Inspections follow the Professional Home and Property Inspectors of Canada (PHPIC), Standards of Practice.