Home Watch Services in Ottawa

  Don't burden family and friends to look after your home while you are away 

Providing Home Watch Services in the Ottawa area since 2012 (also known as House Sitter, House Check, Residential House Visits, Property Management, Vacant Home Watch, Unoccupied Home Watch).
Who better to monitor and trust your home with while you are away on vacation or for the winter?  Why pay a house sitter?

 Ottawa Home Watch - House Check
Services Available:
Inspected by 42 Home Watch Services: 
  • we can watch your home for any reason:
           - weekends
           - long weekends
           - summer vacations    
           - winter getaway or vacation
           - longer duration's (months for snowbirds)
           - business trips out of the country
           - vacant Ottawa home for sale
           - vacant rental property in Ottawa
           - Canadian Forces posting    
           - Christmas or March break vacation
           - traveling the world
           - unoccupied home
           - rental property between tenants
           - vacant home due to bank foreclosure
           - RCMP relocation
           - Military posting
           - Military deployments
           - Homes in the name of an estate
              - Homes under renovation   
           - new home but vacant
           - new rental property but vacant
  • we provide regular detailed reports to meet or exceed insurance requirements (see a sample report)
  • we send you a monthly email summarizing the status of your home (when away for extended periods)
  • we keep a checklist log of all visits, with timestamped photos and items checked with comments
     (this is provided to you with the monthly PDF report)
  • we send a weekly email status, reporting even if there are no issues (with photos - no extra charge)
  • we can forward your mail to you or notify you when bills arrive - no extra charge
  • we scan your mail and email you copies (at your request only - no extra charge)
  • we can monitor/pick up your mail, newspapers, and flyers (junk mail)
  • we can ensure your vehicles are safe (start and/or drive if required, trickle charge battery)
  • we can monitor the interior, exterior, furnace, plumbing, electrical, security etc ...
  • we can monitor lights, clocks, and timers to ensure all are operating properly (we can provide timers if required)
  • we can rotate lights on timers as required
  • we can open and close blinds to give the house the lived in look
  • we can monitor your electrical panel and reset any breakers as required
  • we can monitor that critical appliances are functioning, such as fridge, freezer, humidifier and sump pump
  • we check sump pump operation and water levels
  • we can manage repairs that you want to be done while you are away
  • we offer handyman services for repairs around the home
  • we can monitor snowplowing, landscaping and house cleaning as required
  • we can respond to monitored alarm systems as required while you are away (we are not a security company)
  • we can power up your water, appliances, hot water tank, furnace, air conditioning in preparation for your return
  • we can run your washer and dishwasher as required
  • we can ensure all your plumbing traps and toilets remain sealed
  • we can add non-toxic plumbing anti-freeze to toilets and plumbing traps in winter months as an extra precaution
  • we can check and adjust your home interior temperature and monitor/adjust humidity as required
  • we can arrange to meet with vendors, repair contractors, deliveries etc...
  • we can monitor and change your furnace/air/HRV filter, smoke and CO alarm batteries
  • we can pick up your pet from the kennel so your pet is home when you return
  • we can provide you with a checklist of services for you to choose from to meet your requirements
  • we can provide security poles for sliding patio doors and windows
  • we can open windows to air out your home (weather permitting)
  • we go through an extensive departure checklist to cover all areas, such as insurance, security, safety, emergency contacts, how to prepare your home before you depart
  • we can be your point of contact while you are away for a piece of mind that everything is taken care of 
  • we have temperature and flood monitor available (phone line required) additional fees ($10 per month)
  • we have hygrometers that we can provide to help monitor the humidity level in your 
Ottawa Home Watch Temperature Monitor  Ottawa Home Watch Flood Monitor Ottawa Home Watch Timer

ib42 Ottawa Home Watch hygrometer 
ib42 Ottawa Home Watch Plumbing Anti Freeze

Contact us today by email: homewatch@inspectedby42.com 
or phone us at 613 799 3698. 

Time to Setup a Home Watch:
Generally, the lead time to set up a home watch is 24 hours notice, but if time is available it's best to meet 2 weeks before departure to discuss your requirements and review our exhaustive departure checklist to ensure all items are looked after and nothing is overlooked.

  • reasonable rates per visit, starting at $25 + HST (depends on your location). No mileage charges!
  • contact us for detailed pricing information to meet your requirements
  • we will visit your home as often as you'd like and follow a checklist of services that we agree on together
  • regular follow up status e-mails are sent and a record log of visits with time-stamped photographs
  • we also provide a complimentary exterior home inspection  with every Home Watch
Home Watch Areas Covered:
  • Central Ottawa, Kanata, Ottawa, Ottawa South, Orleans, Stittsville, Carp, North Gower, Greely, and surrounding areas
Your Home Insurance: 
  • Usually, regular visits must be done to vacant homes in order to satisfy your home insurance requirements
  • We recommend you check with your insurance company to see what the requirements are when are away from home (some require every 48, 72 hours  or once per week.)
  • Check the following link http://www.myinsuranceshopper.ca/AwayFromHome.aspx
  • Learn the difference between a vacant home and unoccupied home
Prepare Your Home Before You Leave
Below are some suggestions of things you should consider before leaving your home for an extended period to reduce the risk of problems:
  • Cancel or put on hold your cable service and phone until you come back to save on monthly bills.
  • Turn your water off to your home.
  • Drain pipes and toilets. Add non-toxic anti-freeze in the winter months.
  • Turn off the hot water tank. (save energy)
  • Install light timers inside the home in several rooms.
  • Use timers for exterior lights (don't leave on 24/7).
  • Winterize your exterior hose bibs. (as required by the season)
  • Secure any outside shed, garage, or crawl space to keep out unwanted guests.
  • Keep tools like ladders locked up to avoid helping thieves break in,
  • Winterize your vehicles. (as required by the season)
  • Store any grass seed, bird seed, or pet food in metal containers with tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean the kitchen and clear the pantry and cupboards of food in packaging that isn't pest proof.
  • Seal gaps and holes in the home's exterior that provide mice easy access into your home.
  • Allow dishwasher and front loading washing machine to completely dry out before latching doors closed.
  • Remove window AC units, turn the power off to AC units and cover. (as required by the season)
  • Set your programmable thermostat to save energy
  • Have eaves cleaned and leaves racked.
  • Arrange for snow plowing and grass cutting as required
  • Close blinds and draperies (especially on the first floor).
  • Keep valuables – computers, and TVs for example – out of sight through windows.
  • Check all window and door locks.
  • Put an old broom handle or 3/4-inch-round dowel in the track of the sliding glass door and windows.
  • Stop mail, newspaper and subscription delivery.
  • Contact your insurance company and advise them that your home will be vacant. They can advise you about your coverage.
  • Check with your vehicle insurance company if you are planning to drive outside of Canada to ensure you have enough coverage.
  • If you have an outdoor irrigation system, winterize it (as required by the season).
  • Let the neighbours know that you have hired the services of a Home Watch company as they will see a different vehicle coming and going from your home.
  • Do you have your out of country travel health insurance
  • Check that your passport does not expire while you are away.
  • Where possible, lock up valuables - in a safe if you have one - or put smaller items such as jewelry and important documents in a bank deposit box
And don’t rely on neighbours to keep a watch on your house. Neighbours just aren't vested in the security of your home, and even the most watchful neighbor is no substitute for a professional home watch service (such as ib42 Ottawa Home Watch).
Tips For Ottawa Snowbirds
Here is some information for snowbirds.
Visit the Canadian Snowbird Association for some information about travel insurance, currency exchange, tax forms and more. See example below:
  • Canadians can stay (at the discretion of U.S. authorities) in the U.S. for no more than 182 days in a 12 month period without a special exemption. This is a U.S. law.
  • 8840 form or Closer Connection Form – Canadian residents who winter in the United States are technically subject to U.S. federal income tax if they meet or exceed a specific number of days in the U.S. in any one year
  • If you are stopped by a state trooper they may ask for your proof of insurance on your vehicle. Check with your insurance company for your proof of insurance.
More Interesting articles for snowbird travelers:
Leave your worries at home and enjoy your time away, we are the perfect home watch, home check, home sitter and Ottawa area property management service!
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We are professional, trusted, reliable, fully insured and very through!

ib42 Ottawa Home Watch Testimonials

"We are very impressed by quality and level of details of your monthly report  - we can see all is in order - much appreciated."

"Professional service, we'll hire Barry again"

"Great update report!!"

"I really appreciate your help!"

"Thank you Barry. My wife is happy to hear from you that problem is solved and she said 'Barry you are the best'." 
"Thanks again for your services this winter.  Please note that your professionalism and reliability have been important to our peace of mind while away.  We are looking forward to having your services again next winter;"
"Best regards as your great service is appreciated."

"Many thanks for the good service."

"many thanks for the services."

"Thanks so much for watching over our place for us."

"Thanks for looking after my house."

"Again - you have been terrific in all aspects !  If you require any references , we would be delighted "

"We are very pleased that you have taken us on as a customer."

"Thanks for looking after the house again, and for clearing the snow.  All the best."

."Please know we think you are doing a fabulous job"

"Thanks for the great job you are doing"

"Thanks Barry;  Everything was perfect with the house."

"Perfect..  Thanks a lot for facilitating the cleaning services."

"Thanks for all your help again."

 "You perform a valuable service to us one we cannot afford to lose"

If you need a good reason to have your home watched by ib42, read this CBC article about a man who finds his house flooded and frozen after months away

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 Think about hiring Inspected by 42 Ottawa Home Inspections for a pre-sale or maintenance inspection.